Why vulcanized silicone rubber

Vulcanized silicone rubber is a high-performance elastomer characterized by an unusual combination of properties. These properties range from high temperature performance to durability, excellent electrical insulation properties as well as its transparency.

As compared to organic rubber, silicone rubber has Si-O bond in its structure, and hence, it has better:
Hydrolysis resistance
Heat resistance
Chemical stability
Electrical insulation
Abrasion resistance
Weatherability as well as Ozone resistance

Silicone rubbers can withstand temperature ranging from -50°C to 350°C (depends in duration of exposure). Parts made of silicone rubber when exposed to wind, rain, salt water and UV rays for long periods result in virtually no change in physical properties, making this an exceptional material for diving.

Unlike most organic rubbers, silicone rubber is not affected by ozone as well.