our story

Vortex straps started in 2020 at the start of the coronavirus crisis from a watch enthusiast who have been deeply involved in the watch community.

Always searching for the perfect watch and the perfect strap he adquired extensive experience with straps and options but still discontent with the lack of 2.5mm DIVER'S ISO fat springbars capibility in greatly sized and designed straps.

Collecting elements for years about the idea of a perfect strap and the lack of existance of those elements in the strap industry is when Vortex started.

"I can tell now that I know what the watch community needs and no brand does yet"

Today at Vortex headquarters in Houston Texas there is a strong vision for future exciting strap models and options that represent a great challenge to manufacture but with your support Vortex has the mission to make the very best straps in the market.